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daily planning checklist

Start your day with 15 uninterrupted minutes of rigorously intentional planning using this simple but powerful 8-step checklist.

Microsoft Outlook for Legal Professionals

Hands-down the single best resource for lawyers and their teams who want to use Outlook most effectively.

Time Management Self-Assessment

Score yourself on a series of prompts for each of the Eight Keys, and quickly discover the specific skills on which to prioritize your improvement efforts.

Use this clear, specific checklist to improve how you delegate tasks and assignments to get better results from your team.

Time-Task Estimate Log

Chronic under-estimation of how long a given task is going to take endemic in the legal profession.  Use this simple log for even one week and improve your task-time estimates forever.

Top 25 Productivity Roadblocks

Drawn from the work of Alec MacKenzie’s classic book The Time Trap, this tool helps you rank which roadblocks are causing you the most problems.

Top 12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Lawyers

There are several powerful but rarely-used keyboard shortcuts that that can make drafting much more efficient (whether docs or emails). Here are the most useful for attorneys.

What Am I Tolerating?

The psychic costs of living with situations that continually frustrate us can be huge, both personally and professionally.  Looking at them honestly is the first step to doing something about them.

The 8 Keys to Being a More Productive Lawyer

This infographic presents the Eight Keys and focus points for each key.